I <3 Zanzibar!

One word comes to mind. BEAUTIFUL. This is how I would describe Zanzibar. From its long stretches of vast beaches, turquoise waters, numerous palm trees and plantations, colourful flowers, and ethnic flavours. Also known as “Spice Island,” Zanzibar has a rich culture fused from Arabic, Indian and African influences. We arrived in Zanzibar after a 1 … Continue reading

Picture this

We’ve been away from the computer for a while now, as we haven’t had access to internet…and, well, there have been some distractions. Thought I’d share some of those wonderful distractions with you: I’m blogging from our hotel room in Dar es Salaam. Luxury living at a low price here. I never thought that a … Continue reading

Tanzania (Week 1)

Jambo! This is long overdue. My first blog post for my Tanzania trip. Getting access to the Internet proved to be harder than I initially thought. . I am hoping I will be able to update my blog more frequently. The time so far has just flown by! Since I am now on day 9 … Continue reading

Old Friends, New Memories

It’s been just over a week now. We’ve already accomplished quite a bit here, and, if you’ve been following along, you know that there’s a lot more to do…. But alongside work, we’ve been having a lot of fun. I had the chance to catch up with two old friends, Ibra (who worked for CCS) … Continue reading

My first week in Tanzania

I would like to apologize for the delay in posting my blog; accessing the internet here is harder than we thought it would be. My first week in Tanzania has been amazing to say the least.  After our first 2 nights here, I have been dubbed “Shujaa”, which means hero in Swahili.  My co travellers, … Continue reading

Paying it forward

It is SO nice to be back at the QTC. This morning, we spent the day introducing some of the games from our Learning Activities Booklet to the students at QTC. So many familiar faces, and so many memories! It was great to see the students enjoying themselves, laughing, and finding simple pleasure in games … Continue reading